114. StuPa

The 114th session of the student parliament will take place on Wednesday, March 13, starting at 2:30 pm. The meeting will take place in Pfaffenwaldring 47 in room 4. 282. In addition to various reports and the questioning of the Executive Board, there are also 3 motions.

The first motion deals with the reimbursement of expenses for the main organizers of the Campus Beach.

The second motion deals with the semester ticket in the full solidarity model. The motion deals with the repeal of the resolution of the 111th Stupa by incorporating the results of the survey and the student general assembly that took place a month ago.

The third motion is a resolution to revise the statutes of the Computer Science department.

The fourth motion is to amend the organizational statutes to make it easier to dissolve student groups.

The fifth motion is a resubmission of a double resolution. It is a motion from the 113th StuPa meeting.

We cordially invite all students to attend the StuPa meeting and take part in the discussions. You are of course also welcome to ask the Executive Board questions.