What is the StuPaMat?

Do you want to vote, but don’t know who to vote for yet? Based on a tool for comparing parties in other elections, we created the Stupamat some time ago.

What is the Stupamat? The lists running for the student parliament (StuPa for short) have positioned themselves on 23 theses. A few thematic examples:

Should stuvus (for example, at a barbecue event or a Ersti-Hütte) finance meat and sweets? Should votes in the StuPa be recorded by name so that you can see who voted and how? Should the StuPa support a civil clause at the University of Stuttgart? Should there be binding quotas for offices in the student council? Should stuvus adequately finance the LandesAstenKonferenz (LAK) from student funds? Should stuvus also express itself in general political terms?

How do I use the stupamat? Go to stupamat.stuvus.de and look at the theses. Enter your own opinion and, if necessary, a weighting. At the end, you will receive an evaluation that shows you which list you agree with the most. You can also read the reasons for each thesis in the lists.

Not satisfied with the Stupamat? We have published the election programmes of the lists at stuvus.de/wahlen. There you can take a look at what the lists will do in the next legislative period and what they want to stand for.