What is a student group?

You would like to look at old exams to prepare for your exams, know what to expect in a certain module, have questions about the structure of your studies?  Or do you have problems with lecturers and would like experienced advice and support? – Your student group (Fachgruppe) can help you in all of these situations!

But what are student groups (Fachgruppen)? Student groups represent all students of certain degree programmes (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.) in one (or more) subject area(s). Conversely, every student belongs to at least one student group. However, “Fachgruppe” usually means the active students who organise events for their fellow students, represent them in committees, or try to give first-year students a good start to their studies. Would you like to get involved in this way too? Then simply get in touch with your student group (Fachgruppe)! Most subject groups have regular meetings, and you can just drop in!  You can find more information about the student groups at: stuvus.de/en/student-groups/