Walk number 2 – Campus Vaihingen

Today is the first walk for Vaihingen! It is more or less a classic and yet offers a good change.

The route starts in front of the library (1), then we walk past the refectory, then to the right of the university pond (2), and on and on to the lake (3). We walk almost all the way around the lake. To do this, we first turn right into the forest, then keep left and leave it again at the first opportunity. The path now leads along the lake until a small path on the right leads relatively steeply up to the dormitories. At the dormitories, we turn right and follow the road, which ends after a nearly 180° bend at parcel boxes. We cross the Allmandring and walk straight ahead towards the green area. This is called a “UFO” (4) because of its shape.  Turn right again and continue to the Hochschule der Medien (HdM). At the “Straußi” dormitories, we turn left. Then we pass the International Centre (IZ) (5), cross the bridge, cross the Ecumenical Centre (ÖZ) (6) and turn right. The library is already visible again. Have fun!