Test phase free menstrual prodcuts

Some time ago we already reported about our project, free menstrual products at the University of Stuttgart. Finally, the time has come, and we can start our test phase in selected toilets. With this campaign, we at stuvus would like to ease emergency situations, prevent period poverty and move a little closer to gender equality.

During the test phase from 1 November to 31 December, we will regularly refill the boxes with products. Please only take out what you need at that moment.

You can find the menstrual products on the following toilets:

Campus Stadtmitte: lower floor 1 and 2 in the K2, K1 in the lower floor, temporary lecture hall (M2.00-M2.02, also the men’s toilet)

Campus Vaihingen: V38, V53 (also the men’s toilet), V57, canteen, V47, V9 directly to the left of the main entrance, study room Keltenschanze

In order for this to continue in the future, we need your feedback, so feel free to check out our website stuvus.de/menstrualproducts and take part in the survey or send us an email directly to menstruationsprodukte@stuvus.de.

Your stuvus department for Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs