New executive board elected

In the 88th session of the student parliament on the 20th of April 2022 (and in a belated election in the 89th session), our executive board was newly elected. It consists of people who were already active on the board in previous semesters as well as new people.

Voting members of the board this summer semester are Matthias (as chairperson), Jolanda (as deputy chairperson), Charlotta (as finance officer), Marco (as deputy finance officer), Marius, Felicitas, Philip, Anna, Fabian and Isabell. If you are interested in what the board does, you can find more information at!

We also elected new department leaders: Jeremias, Alice, Jonas (Department for Studies and Teaching), Tim, Sebastian, Sven (Department IT), Fabian, Julia, Tejal (Department Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs), Philipp, Leonard, Saskia (Department Sustainability), Isabell, Chris, Kubilay (Department Public Relations), Moritz, Florian (Department Culture), Justin (Department Events), Marius, Silja (Department Student Services) and Anna, Lúcia (Department Networking).

The only department that is currently vacant is the Department for Campus Infrastructure. You can find all information about the individual departments at:

Note: Unfortunately, not all members of the board can be seen on the picture.