Student Parliament in May 2022

On Wednesday, 11 May, the 92nd session of the student parliament will take place from 2:30 pm. The meeting will take place in presence on Campus Vaihingen. In addition to various reports, questioning of the Executive Board and elections, there will also be a motion.

The speaker for networking, provisionally appointed by the board, is to be confirmed by the StuPa. Also on the agenda are the elections for her deputy and the deputy of the speaker for Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs. Furthermore, a supplementary election of a board assessor is planned. After a long time, there will finally be a new leader for the working group for young people! Their election is also planned for the meeting.

The motion that is also to be discussed and possibly decided on at the meeting concerns the withdrawal period for exams. As you may have noticed, before Corona there was the possibility to withdraw at least 7 days before the exam. During the last semester, this deadline was reduced to one day. In the meantime, the university has changed this deadline again, so that this semester the withdrawal deadline is 7 days again. The motion aims at the following resolution: “The student parliament decides to make a demand to the responsible authorities at the University of Stuttgart, which includes permanently reducing the deadline for students to withdraw from exams to one day.” Whether this is taken will be decided at the meeting. Independently of the StuPa motion, student senate members who you elected last year, among others, have already campaigned for this demand. 

We cordially invite all students to attend the StuPa meeting and participate in the discussions. Of course, you are also welcome to ask the board and the candidates questions.