Lecture Free Time

The time has finally come: the lecture-free period begins! For many students, this means exams, oral exams, and term papers. We still wish you much success in these. However, we also hope that you will find time to take a break and relax.

We know that the end of the lecture period brings with it many questions: What will happen after the lecture-free period? Will registering for courses be as problematic as it has been in recent semesters? And most importantly, will there finally be a campus beach and university parties again in the summer semester?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer these questions for sure either. The summer semester is currently planned as an attendance semester with supplementary digital offerings, just like the winter semester. How it will actually work out depends on the further course of the pandemic, among other things. There will be more information on this in due course. We have addressed the problems with C@mpus during course registration, and the people responsible are trying to avoid such problems in the future. We will probably only see if this works when we next register for courses. The Campus Beach, our beloved beach bar on Campus Vaihingen, will hopefully be able to take place and we are currently looking for people who want to get involved in the organisation and implementation. Interested? Then please get in touch with us. We are also currently planning university parties. However, the beach and university parties are heavily dependent on the Corona regulations and the University. After the permission for the UNO was withdrawn at short notice in October, we were assured that the University would work constructively with us on the concepts. So we are optimistic that the university will not be the cause of the failure.