Instructions: Using the VPN

In our survey on teaching in the winter semester, some of you pointed out that instructions on how to use the VPN would be helpful. Basically, you need the VPN if you want to use some of the programmes provided by the TIK or if you want to access the online materials of the university library, digital formats such as perinorm, Springer Link or other platforms.
Basically, you can access the VPN via the app "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client". You can download it from the TIK website. Since the instructions vary depending on the operating system, we will not provide more detailed instructions here, as they are not generally applicable. Instead, use the search engine of your choice to search for "VPN Uni Stuttgart". This will take you to the relevant pages of the TIK and you will also find all the necessary instructions there.

If you have any further questions about the VPN, you can also contact the TIK user advisory service: