Fresher-Tips for a Successful Study

Under the title “Fresher-Tips for a successful study” we publish tips from students to students on this page. Thematically, it is always about other areas of student life. Thus first year students are given practical tips for a successful study on the way. The tips are always collected on Instagram in the stuvus story. So if you have been studying for a while and still have some tips in store, share them with us and the new first-year students! On the other hand, if you are a first year student and you still want tips for certain areas of student life, just write us on Instagram or Facebook and we will collect tips for you!

Part 1: Digital teaching

  • Study the lecture’s contents directly after and do not postpone it
  • For asynchronous teaching formats, watch the videos etc. at the times when they would normally be in the timetable
  • First try to solve tutorials on your own, and then ask questions
  • Put on the right clothes. You can’t enter the workflow in your pyjamas! This way you will also mentally realize that you don’t have any “free time” at the moment, but are working or learning for a certain time.
  • Ask the lecturers holes in their stomachs, no matter if digital or not! Most of them are happy to help you. Many offer a digital consultation hour, otherwise you can also ask for a conversation by mail or simply ask your questions by mail.
  • Keep in touch with the specialist groups and stuvus; if you have any questions, contact your contact person directly and seek help
  • Use the networking opportunities and support each other! Exchange ideas and use ilias where learning materials can be shared
  • Useful learning rooms in the university
  • Create WhatsApp groups and join existing ones
  • Take the chance to sign up for other events similar to yours. This way you will get more learning material!
  • If it still works: Get better internet!
  • Everyone is in the same situation: help each other and work together!
  • Use the video conferencing programs for learning together
  • Lecture recordings can be watched at higher speed and paused whenever the brain switches off. This means that you still need about the same amount of time and make optimal use of your recording capacity!
  • Set your sleep rhythm according to your individual situation. You don’t have to watch the recorded VL at 8 a.m. if it is too early for you personally. Just try to stay on schedule, participate in tutorials, exercises and seminars, and put everything else around you as it suits you and is possible for you.
  • Create a routine so that you have free time and study time during the day and achieve a good study-leisure balance.
  • Sports and exercise in general as a balance are even more important than usual. Especially in the fresh air it helps to get a clear head. It can also help to ventilate regularly while studying.
  • Use the buddy programs and get in touch with older students who have already completed a digital semester and can give you even more tips for your specific course of study
  • Digital teaching often makes it easier to learn at home or alone. Social contacts are important and it is also important to get in touch with your fellow students. Please pay attention to your health and hygiene measures if you should meet in person. Otherwise, private conversations via video conferencing programs are also possible, especially as a joint learning session or for a virtual after-work drink.
  • New corona regulations often change the requirements for stays at the university. So keep yourself up to date if you do have individual classroom sessions or need to go to the library.
  • You can’t concentrate well at home? Find a quiet place. stuvus actively promotes the opening of several learning rooms and learning areas on both campuses. You have to book your places online in advance to allow for tracking and protect the health of all students.
  • You are unmotivated at home? Set clear goals for each day and then reward yourself accordingly. For example, do you want to watch an episode of your favorite TV show in the evening? Then work through the new lecture now. Attention: Don’t set yourself too high standards, otherwise you will stress yourself.
  • The departments of German and Linguistics have written a guide that explains the different platforms of the university. Check your mails, C@mpus and Ilias as early as possible and test WebEx so that you don’t suddenly get stressed a few minutes before your first lecture.
  • If you have problems with digital teaching, contact and stuvus will be happy to help you.
  • Your health is important; also mental health. You do not feel well? You can get help from the psychological counseling center of the district as well as from the Studentenwerk Stuttgart. Mental health is unfortunately a taboo topic in some circles of our society, but it shouldn’t be. Especially if you are very isolated by digital teaching formats, it is possible that you are mentally worse off. Your health always has priority! Many lecturers also accommodate you when you talk to them. For chronic illnesses, there are also contact persons from the university. They will gladly help you! You can also contact the Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs Office with further questions, which will refer you to the appropriate offices.

This is no advertisement for brands. The brand names come from various suggestions by students and from the fact that WebEx is used by the University of Stuttgart as a video conferencing program.