From June 4 to June 14, you can elect your student representatives at the University of Stuttgart. Elections will be held for the student parliament, the senate and the faculty council. Would you like to run for this legislative period? Then you can find all the information here:
You must be part of a list to stand as a candidate.
You can join an existing list or set up your own list. Your election proposal must be submitted to the university by May 4th.
Would you like to set up a list? Then simply follow the steps below:
Choose a name (“Kennwort”) for your list.
It must not have the same name as a public-law organization, be offensive or be inadmissible for other legal reasons. If you break one of the rules or do not choose a name, your list will be called the same as the first person running for office.
Look for people who are on your list (“election proposal”). There should be twice as many people on this list as can be elected.
At most, you can only write down three times as many candidates.

You can find the documents for your candidacy at https://www.uni-stuttgart.de/universitaet/organisation/hochschulorgane/wahl/.
Advertise your list. You can publish your election program and your list on wahlen.stuvus.de. There will also be another Stupamat in which your list can present what it wants to achieve this legislative period.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact wahlen@stuvus.de.