Contact to other students

Some of you have contacted us with the question of how you can get in touch with other students, possibly beyond your own area of study.

First of all, you have the opportunity to get to know other students on campus, be it through a sports course, working in a student group (Fachgruppe), centrally at stuvus in a department or working group or in a university group. You can also get to know your fellow students outside of the lecture hall by working as a research assistant (Hiwi-Jobs). We hope that we will soon be able to have stuvus events in person on the campus.

If you want to exchange information with other students digitally, there are various options:

On the one hand, you can interact with our online postings. You can also use the Ilias “Living, Learning & Networking” forum. The meme channel is particularly popular here. You can find the forum in the “Cafeteria” section. Finally, you can also use our stuvus Discord server ( to talk to other students and ask your questions.