BAföG reform

The BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act / Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) was reformed for the winter semester 2022/23. But what exactly is changing?

1) Increase in the maximum funding rate from €861 to €934 → an increase of over 8%
2) Increase of the need rates by 5.75%
3) Increase in housing cost allowance for students living outside the parental home from €325 to €360 → an increase of just under 11%
4) Increase in the parental income exemption limit from €2,000 to €2,417 → an increase of 20.75%
5) Increase in the asset exemption limit: from €8,200 to €15,000 (up to age 29) or to €45,000 (from age 30)
6) Raising the age limit at the start of the subsidised training period: used to be 30 years, now 45 years
7) Simplification of the digital application process: now it is sufficient to set up a user account
8) Enabling the funding of one-year, self-contained study programmes also in third countries
9) Regulation that in crisis situations the maximum funding period can be adjusted by the German government