95th meeting of the student parliament

On Wednesday the 95th meeting of the student parliament will take place starting at 14:30. The meeting will take place in room 9.06 at Keplerstraße 11. In addition to various reports and the questioning of the board, there will also be motions.

Usually, the chairperson* of the board is always elected at the beginning of the semester. However, due to the resignation of our previous board chair, an election is scheduled for Wednesday. 

There are also three regular motions. One motion aims to change the rules of procedure of the student parliament. A second motion is about a demand paper, “1.5 years of Corona teaching – What remains?”. The third motion is about the establishment of a new working group, AK ESE. ESE stands for freshman orientation, which is what the working group is supposed to deal with. If the working group is established, the leadership should also be elected directly.

In addition, there is an urgent motion. The motion is about the approval of the expenses for the study calendar 2022/2023. Whether the motion is dealt with depends on whether the student parliament includes it on the agenda.