Ersti Tips

Are you new to the University of Stuttgart?
Everything is unfamiliar to you? Don’t worry, everyone has been there. Life and learning at a university is new for many and seems overwhelming at the beginning.
To help you get started, we have collected a few tips for you:

  • If you have orientation exams, you should take your courses according to them and prioritize them accordingly.
    You usually have to pass your orientation exam by the 3rd semester, so it is worth starting early.
  • If you don’t pass an exam or an exercise right away, it’s not the end of the world. The university is a different world and everyone has to find their way first.
  • It is best to look for study groups. Then you will have more fun learning and stay on the ball better 🙂
  • Google can help you a lot during your studies. Use it!
  • Lentils with spaetzle are the best dish in the canteen.
  • Go to all the freshman orientation events and talk to people.
    With that, we wish you a good start into your first semester!