Studi-Tip: Following up on lectures

We were asked by you how best to follow up on the lectures. Basically, it is of course very helpful that you first attend the lectures. There you get a first overview of the content and what the lecturer emphasises. But of course, it doesn't stop with attending the lectures. It may be that the lecture went too fast for you or that you didn't understand something. In such cases, but also otherwise, reviewing the lecture is very important.

If you take notes in the lecture yourself, you can also compare your notes with the slides or the script afterwards. Otherwise, there are often mistakes in the notation or you may have noted a context exactly in the wrong way. When you go through your notes again, you can check whether everything is right.

Pre- or post-reading can be done by simply reading through the material or, if possible, watching the lecture recordings again and thinking about whether there are any unanswered questions. You can then ask these questions either in an Ilias forum, in a consultation hour or in the next lecture. It can also mean that you already write summaries or create index cards to study. Then, as the exam approaches, you can use these to study for the exam.