What is "stuvus"? stuvus is the abbreviation for "Studierendenvertretung Universität Stuttgart" ("Student Council of the University of Stuttgart"). Since 2013 stuvus has been representing student interests at the University of Stuttgart while also ensuring the self-organization of the students. stuvus commits itself to the interests and concerns of the students in a variety of ways.

What is its purpose? stuvus is like the "Student Government" of the University of Stuttgart. That means stuvus operates like a legal structure, which stands for the representation of student-body interests and self-administration. This role allows stuvus:

  • Legal Capacity: stuvus is an independent, judicable organizational body within the university.
  • Financial Autonomy: stuvus may administer its finances freely.
  • Politcal Mandate: stuvus is authorized under the condition of officially representing all students. It can therefore advocate for student interests.

How does stuvus work? The actual stuvus-work is accomplished through departments and working groups. These are the platforms for stuvus's various themes and projects. But student groups and the Student Parliament also make up a part of stuvus. For the basic structure of stuvus, see the organizational chart.

What does stuvus do for the students? In accordance with Section 65 (2) of the Baden-Württemberg State University Act, the documented student body (stuvus) is responsible in representing the students' interests regarding higher education policy, the students' subject-specific and interdisciplinary interests, as well as the social, economic and cultural interests of the students. It promotes political education and civic responsibility among the students, as well as an equality of opportunity within the student body. Specifically, stuvus takes care of university policy issues such as examination regulations, the design of the teacher-training program, problems with the C@MPUS portal or the distribution of quality assurance funds. It also deals with practical matters such as expanding the services of the semester ticket, improving the dining options, leisure activities on campus, housing shortages for students, etc. student groups, subject-based student organizations, are supported financially, logistically and organizationally by stuvus. Student ideas and projects are organized and promoted within the framework of working groups. Overall, stuvus would like to make studying at University of Stuttgart a more attractive and more comfortable experience.