Senate Representatives

What Do the Student Senate Members Do?

Student senate members represent the student body in academic matters relating to the university, so they occupy themselves with the main themes of any student representative body: Studying and Teaching.

Main areas of their work consist of, on one hand, the workings of the Senate and its associated committees and, on the other hand, the direct cooperation with university institutions. Some of the institutions would be, for example, the Examination Office, the Language Center, the ZLW or the Quality Development Unit. A list of all committees and advisory boards in which students are represented can be found here.

The allocation of quality assurance funds, which enables the financing of projects and initiatives for teaching, is equally important for all operating institutions. One visible benefit of this allocation work is, for example, the extended hours of operation for the university library.

We also try to influence course structures while aligning ourselves with the students' desires for study possibilities, freedom of choice, and self-discretion. We are also active in the area of ​​teacher evaluation and the improvement of key qualifications (SQ).

In Stuvus, official student parliament members, as well as the student representatives in the rector's regular meetings, are those who deal with the issues surrounding studies at the University of Stuttgart. In addition, the Student Senate members elect the consultant for Study and Teaching, whose job it is to coordinate Senate Representation and maintain contact with the Board.

You will get an overview of the tasks of the Senate Representatives as well as current senate topics on the following pages.


Myles Zabel