For alumni: Unsubscribe from stuvus services

Every good time comes to an end, and maybe it’s the same for you: you stop studying or can no longer be active in stuvus and its working groups and subject groups. In this case, you probably want to give up your stuvus account (if you have one) and stop receiving emails from stuvus.

Here you can find out how to proceed.

1.) Consider whether you have an official stuvus account (with access to the wiki and stuvus email address), and if so, who or which institution set it up for you. Often these are your subject groups or working groups. In such a case, the head of the department or working group would also be responsible for deactivating your account (instructions in the wiki). Simply write an email to the responsible person and ask for your account to be deactivated. If for some reason there is no one responsible at the moment, you can send an email to our IT department ( and ask the same question. As soon as your stuvus account has been deactivated, you will no longer receive any mails via the “stuvus-all” mailing list.

2.) Even if you don’t have an official stuvus account, you might be listed on various distribution lists and newsletters of the student council with your private email address. You can unsubscribe from some of these newsletters on your own. You will find links to unsubscribe at the end of the mails. For other newsletters and distribution lists, there is someone who is in charge of the newsletter (department spokesperson, speaker, AK leadership). So first of all, try to write an email to those responsible so that they remove you from the distribution list. If that doesn’t work, you can send an email to to have them remove you from the mailing list.

The stuvus-all-distributor is a special case and the only distribution list that automatically contains all stuvus mail addresses. You cannot unsubscribe from this list separately, but only by deactivating your stuvus account (if you have one). If you don’t have a stuvus account, you are probably on another mailing list of sections or working groups that forward the stuvus newsletter or other news from stuvus-all. In this case, you will have to talk or write to the person responsible for these subject groups or working groups in order to stop receiving the mails.

We from the student council wish you good luck on your further way and thank you for your commitment!