What is it about?

Do you have suggestions, problems, worries or ideas that you've always wanted to share with your student council (stuvus), but didn't know how?

Then use the new stuvus box! You can either drop us a note in the letterboxes at Nili (Pfaffenwaldring 57) and University Library in the city centre (Holzgartenstraße 16), or (as you learned from Corona) contact us via a contact form on the website or by sending us a letter.

We want to know what's on your mind (e.g. when you think a professor is completely out of line), what you're excited about or what really pisses you off at the university. This is the only way we at stuvus can take your concerns into account and implement new ideas.

Your message should remain as anonymous as possible and we will only pass on information if it is relevant to your concerns. Information on the concept and data protection can also be found on the website.

We look forward to your message!

Your stuvus

You can find all the details about the "stuvus box" in our concept here:

Concept stuvus Box

Contact options

You are welcome to post your letter at one of our stuvus boxes which can be found at the following locations on campus:

Campus Stadtmitte: In the entrance of the library in the Stadtmitte (Holzgartenstraße 16).
Campus Vaihingen: At the light blue hippo (Pfaffenwaldring 57)

Of course you can also write us a letter. Just address it to:

stuvus - Post-it box

Pfaffenwaldring 5C

70569 Stuttgart

To contact us anonymously via e-mail, just write an e-mail to:

You are also welcome to contact us digitally via the contact form:

    Data protection and anonymity

    This is an anonymous contact. You do not have to give any personal data, unless you feel it is necessary to explain your concern. Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible, as anonymity prevents queries. In this way, we do not store any personal data. However, we will store your message for processing and pass it on internally to the relevant departments. We also collect an anonymous overview of all complaints, which is deleted every 2 years. The data protection information from the stuvus website ( also applies.