What is RegioRadStuttgart?

RegioRadStuttgart rents out bicycles, pedelecs and cargo bikes in the Stuttgart region. By registering to RegioRadStuttgart, Deutsche Bahn also allows you to rent bicycles throughout Germany via the Call a Bike service. More good reasons are summarized here (unfortunately only in German).

How can I ride it (almost) for free?

With polygoCard, the first 30 minutes of each ride are free and for pedelecs the first 15 minutes.

  1. If you already have a polygoCard, you can register for RegioRad for three euros per year (including 3 euros of credit for the first year).
  2. If you don’t have a polygoCard yet, you can order one for free without a VVS subscription/VVS ticket.

For journeys longer than half an hour and for other ticket options, you can find the prices here.

Where can I find the bikes?

There are several stations both at the campus in Vaihingen and in the city center. You can find the exact locations and the number of available bikes on the RegioRad website or in the app (Android / iOS).

Overview of the stations at the Vaihingen campus
The stuvus “communal wheel” (press release, German only)

How do I rent a bike?

The easiest way is via the app RegioRadStuttgart, because then you don’t have to take the polygoCard with you. After registering with RegioRad, you can select an available bike in the app, tap on its display (or instead of renting it via the app, now hold the polygoCard to it), press the red lock button on the lock and pull out the station latch – have a good ride!

How much and why does stuvus pay for the RegioRad stations?

We, as your student representation, decided in the summer semester of 2019 to bring RegioRad stations to the Vaihingen campus and closer to the Stadtmitte campus. The decision for this was made unanimously by the student parliament on 19.07.2019. With the rental bikes, the sometimes long distances on campus can be covered more quickly. The bikes can also be used to get to or away from campus – for example, to Vaihingen or down to the Stuttgart city.

According to the contract with Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, the costs for the bike rental stations can be up to 23,000 € gross per year and will be covered by your student fees.

The concrete costs for stuvus so far are significantly lower, since not all originally planned stations have been built yet and we have received more subsidies. The extension of the contract will be decided in the student parliament at the beginning of the winter semester 2021/22.