Break Disc

The break discs in the Vaihingen library were created on our initiative. They should enable you to take a short break during which you can leave your seat without having to fear that it has been taken by someone else. In addition, this is to prevent that a large part of the seats cannot be used in the morning because they are reserved for others who only use the seat in the afternoon.

The following rules apply:

The break window only secures your place from 9 a.m. onwards, even in your absence. If you want to take a break between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., you have to expect that your seat may be taken by someone else.
When you leave, you should set the current time. The time should be accurate to the quarter of an hour.
The maximum break time is 1 hour. This means that you should not take too long a break. Many others are also looking for a seat, so it would be a pity if the seats are unoccupied most of the time but reserved.
Tables without, with expired or wrongly set break discs can be occupied by others. If you only find one such place, you may put the material on the table in a pile and carefully push it aside. Please be careful with the material of the others!
At the end, please return the break discs to where you picked them up.


There will be a survey about this, and you are welcome to take part.

However, if you already have feedback, please send us an email to and let us know your criticism or suggestions! Thanks a lot