M 17.21


16 Nov 2023



Kick Off Springbreak 2024

This year our new university party “Springbreak” had its premiere! Around 2,100 people celebrated the start of the summer semester with us on three levels in the K2.

We don’t want this party to be the only one; in 2024 we want to celebrate in the K2 again! Plans have already been made on how to make the party even better and how to avoid problems from the first party. But: Without organisers, there is no party! And this is where you come in: You’ve always wanted to organise a big event and see the party not only from the dance floor but also from backstage? Then you’ve come to the right place!

From cloakroom to shot bar to set-up – behind every university party there are numerous students who organise the party. The tasks are varied and range from more time-consuming stations to stations where you don’t have to organise anything before the party. No previous experience is necessary!

Just come to room M 17.21 on the Stadtmitte campus on Thursday 16 November at 6pm. There, at our kick-off meeting, we will introduce the different stations, answer questions and officially start planning for Springbreak 2024. Become part of our team!

You are interested but can’t come to the kick-off meeting? No problem! Just write to us here on Instagram or send an email to springbreak@stuvus.de and we’ll get back to you.