Why is a high voter turnout important

You see election posters on campus, election calls follow you on Instagram and even in your courses your lecturers draw your attention to the elections. Why is that?

In Germany, university elections achieve an average voter turnout of just 10%. If you compare that to the 2021 state elections (63.8%), the 2021 federal elections (76.6%) or the 2020 election for Stuttgart's mayor (49% in the first round, 44.6% in the second), it's very low. In view of the decisions that are influenced by the elections, such a low turnout is also really sad.

How does it look at the University of Stuttgart? Last year, the turnout unfortunately dropped from 14.87% (2020) to 11.41%. So far, we have heard from two student councils that they only achieved a single-digit turnout this year. We would like to avoid this and hope for as high a turnout as possible.

If less than one in ten people go to the polls, it's not only a shame for all those who put time and effort into campaigning and representing you in the committees, but also for you. Because: Demands from the student representation carry more weight when more students stand behind the representation. This is also shown by the elections.

Whether it's about Corona issues, more living space for students, the increase of the student union fee or another topic: a position from the student parliament achieves something above all when the target person or target group/target institution takes the demand seriously. A high voter turnout helps here. Your election also ensures that you are represented by people who share your views and stand up for your interests.

We are curious to see how many of you will vote this year and hope that those of you who have not yet voted will do so. All you need is about two minutes and internet access. By voting, you are helping us to represent you. So what are you waiting for? Go vote!