Update about our Hippo

In December, we informed you that one of the things that had changed in our rooms on the Stadtmitte campus was the name. The Hippo, formerly ZFB, is now not only adapted to our hippo theme, but has also been refurnished. Among other things, you'll find a new sofa there now for a while, since the old one was broken. In addition to the sofa, a filled beverage fridge and of course the table soccer invite you to meet, linger and exchange with other students.

In our beverage fridge you can find different drinks like ice tea, Spezi, different soft drinks, Radler and beer, which we sell there for currently 1 € each. You can pay for the drinks like in our central rooms on the Vaihingen campus by paying cash into the cash register on the fridge or, if you are on the tally list, by making a tally on the list (and paying in later). The drinks are therefore not financed by student fees and still, we stuvus-actives can offer a cheap refreshment. 

How do you get into the Hippo? Every student group (Fachgruppe) from Campus Stadtmitte should have a key to the room. Also activists from the board, working groups and departments can apply for a key. The room is located on floor 2a of K2 and can be entered through the second to last door as you walk towards the Stadtgarten.