Together for a democratic and diverse community at the University of Stuttgart

The student parliament has made the following positioning on 03 February 2021, which we would like to point out to you again at the start of the semester:

The constituted student body of the University of Stuttgart strongly distances itself from any form of extremism. All people are welcome at our university, regardless of status, gender identity, origin, religion, age, health impairment or sexual orientation. We stand for a climate that does not allow racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of discrimination.

We want to strengthen solidarity among students, employees and all members of the university instead of dividing, as extremist groups intend to do.

Only together can we create an environment in which everyone enjoys studying, researching, teaching and working productively. The stuvus therefore appeals to join forces with the university in this task, because there is still work to be done to achieve this. The stuvus should be available to provide support for any problems that may arise. We also specifically point out the university's counseling options and complaints offices.

Actions of extremist groups on campus are contrary to our efforts for a democratic and diverse community. We therefore condemn them in the strongest possible terms and will not tolerate them under any circumstances.