The new working group AK Stadtmitte-Party

In the last meeting of the student parliament (StuPa) the former working group "AK Silent City" was renamed to "AK Stadtmitte-Party" and a new leadership was elected. The reason for this change: planning for a stuvus party on the Stadtmitte campus has begun!

The AK Silent City was founded in the beginning of 2020 because three students from the Campus Stadtmitte wanted to organize a stuvus party on their campus. It was supposed to be a headphone party, hence the name "Silent City". Unfortunately, the party never happened due to the pandemic. Now the pandemic is not over yet, but things are looking much better in terms of the feasibility of parties. In mid-April 2023, when the party is scheduled to take place at the beginning of the summer semester, things will hopefully look even better.

Although the scheduled date is still a few months away, we are already looking for organizers to make the party planning stress-free. What do you have to bring as an organizer? Desire & time! Depending on the area you are organizing, the amount of work you have to do before the party is really small, but on the day of the party you should be there for most of the organizing tasks. So if you are limited in time in the months before, that's no problem as long as you don't take over any of the most time-consuming areas! You don't need any previous experience, because you will be supported by experienced party-orgas. The orga positions are of course open to all students; it doesn't matter on which campus you spend most of your time. So if you study on the Vaihingen campus but would like to participate in the party, you are welcome to do so!

You are interested? Contact us without obligation either via DM or mail (! We will soon have a kick-off meeting for the project, to which we will invite you and give you more information about the plans so far.