Studying with Invisible Illnesses

Panic attacks before the lecture, dropping out of the Master's thesis or the entire degree programme - those who study with illnesses can also experience impairments during their studies. Compensation for disadvantages can help, but it does not solve all problems. One of these problems can be that fellow students do not consider the illness to be real. While this is probably rare in the case of a cast on the leg, the situation is different in the case of invisible illnesses. The so-called invisible illnesses include mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders, but also, for example, asthma and ME/CFS (Myalgic Enzepholamyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) can be classified under this term. We would like to draw attention to the situation in which affected students find themselves and have asked for reports of their experiences. You can find the reports we have received so far here. If you are affected yourself and would like to share your experiences with an invisible illness during your studies, please feel free to contact us!

One student writes in her experience report: "Mental illness was not talked about." The stigma associated with mental illness and also other invisible illnesses is addressed by several students. Let's change that! Read through the reports of experiences, exchange ideas with those affected, rethink your prejudices and, if you are affected yourself, get help! Let's work together to ensure that those affected experience support instead of prejudice and that mental health does not remain a taboo subject.