Studi-Tip: Elections

Last chance: The elections end tomorrow at 3 pm. If you haven't voted by then, you won't be able to do that. So, hand on heart: Have you already cast your votes? If not, please do so!

Did all the election advertising pass you by, or have you managed to ignore it so far, but would now like to make your contribution to democracy at our university? Then we have summarised all the information again here.

You have 13 votes for the student parliament, 6 for the senate and, depending on the faculty, 7 or 9 for the faculty council. The election takes place online at Simply click on "Elections" and follow the steps. Voting itself takes about two minutes. If you're quick, you can even do it in just one minute. Whether you're at home, at university or on the bus, you can vote from anywhere and at any time, but only until 3 p.m. on 7 July. Democracy is that easy!

At the university, there are no parties, but lists. There are different people on the lists, and you can see their name and faculty on the ballot paper. If you want more information about the candidates and lists, you should take a look at the election programmes at and compare the positions on different theses at This is an additional offer and of course you can also vote without having looked at this information.