Sofas for freshers

At the moment the project is not taking place, information about a new edition can be found here.

A big problem and a simple idea

Finding a room in a shared flat in Stuttgart: almost everyone knows the problem. An endless number of interested people, overpriced rooms, full halls of residence and many rejections. First-year students who are not from the Stuttgart area often have a particularly hard time looking for a room - especially if they only receive an acceptance letter from the university shortly before the start of lectures. We think: First-year students should worry about their first lectures and their new fellow students instead of finding a place to sleep. That's how the idea for "Sofas für Erstis" came about last year.

Are you a first-year student and need help?

Your current place of residence is too far away from Stuttgart to commute and the start of lectures is getting closer and closer without you being able to find a suitable place to stay? We want to help you! Come to our office hours - personally and confidentially - and tell us your story. We'll try to help you with individual tips and contacts and, if it's urgent, we'll put you in touch with student flat-shares in Stuttgart that have a sofa or similar available and are willing to take you in for a short time to tide you over. This way, you can start your studies without worrying and look for a new home directly from Stuttgart.

Just come by, everyone is welcome.
Please note: Our offer (especially the placement service) is primarily aimed at students for whom a daily commute is unreasonable or simply impossible (e.g. if you have lived in Hamburg until now). If you would simply like to move out and need support, you are of course also welcome at the office hours, but may be given lower priority. We ask for your understanding. In general, there is no entitlement to placement. Remember: These are just normal students who voluntarily take someone into their home. These are not permanent tenancies.

You know the problem and want to help?

Have you experienced a similar situation in the past or would you simply like to actively support first-year students? Then get in touch with us. Send an email with your name, email address, mobile phone number and details of your living situation (location, number of flatmates, what kind of sleeping accommodation can you offer?) to We will contact you. We will then get in touch with you. Through the personal consultation hour for first-year students, we want to make sure that we only place first-year students in "emergency situations" and raise awareness of the fact that it is a great thing for you to be willing to share your home. We would also like to give you the opportunity to get to know "your" potential first-year student in advance.

You have questions or want to give us feedback?
Send it to!