Registration for the stuvus weekend 2022 possible now

In three weeks it will finally happen: The first stuvus weekend in presence since the beginning of 2020 will take place from May 20 to 22!

The stuvus weekend is a weekend full of fun, exchange, new contacts and also progress for the student council. In workshops we develop existing projects, plan new actions and collect a lot of input for topics around studying at the University of Stuttgart. In addition to the workshops, there is of course a lot of time for social activities, which have unfortunately come far too short in recent years.

Registration for the stuvus weekend is open to all students at the University of Stuttgart. It doesn't matter if you are already active in stuvus or if you want to get a taste of "stuvus air" - we are looking forward to you! As a newcomer, you can contribute a different perspective on the work of stuvus, bring new ideas to us and thus help us. Prior knowledge is not necessary - the knowledge comes all by itself during the weekend!

The whole weekend (including travel, accommodation, food and drinks) will cost you only 15€ (+ 5€ reserve). We plan the reserve in case the prices continue to increase and the 5€ become necessary. Currently we do not expect to have to check a G status, however, depending on the development of the pandemic, we may have to change to 3G or 2G. The destination is a cabin in Bernau, which we have to ourselves - including a miniature golf course, table soccer, ping pong tables and and and.

You still have questions about the weekend? Feel free to comment, send us a DM or send an email to You can register at