Reasons to go vote!

This year's election is the first university election in a long time with a presence on campus. We took advantage of this and not only put up election posters, but also organised an election information stand on the Stadtmitte campus. Yesterday, candidates and parts of our election team stood there, informed about the elections, motivated students to vote and handed out water ice. There will be another election information stand on 6 July, this time on the Vaihingen campus in front of Pfaffenwaldring 47.

Water ice is always good in summer, of course, but definitely not a (decisive) reason to vote! Why should you vote for your student representative? The election can influence many decisions.

Is your degree programme, faculty or campus well represented? The Senate and the Faculty Council deal with changes to your examination regulations, among other things. If no one represents your interests, it is possible that changes will be decided that are bad for you and your fellow students.

Will the projects that are close to your heart continue to be made possible? For example, big events like the CampusBeach or the festival planned for 2020 first have to go through the student parliament (StuPa). But if the elected students don't want such projects, they can't take place.

You pay a stuvus fee of €10 every semester - what do you actually pay for? Every year, the student parliament passes a budget that decides which stuvus group is allowed to spend how much money. Likewise, expenses above a certain amount are discussed directly in the StuPa and decided on if necessary. If you want the money to be spent on your interests, it helps if the members of the StuPa represent your interests. The StuPa can also change the amount of the stuvus fee.

These are just a few examples of why you should vote. Not sure who represents your interests? Check out the election programmes at and compare the lists at!