Letters to first-semester students

Maybe you've already seen it in our story: On two dates towards the end of the summer semester, stuvus activists virtually take over the university's mailroom. That's when we pack the first-year letters! Do you still remember yours?

The Ersti-Briefe are intended to welcome first-year students to the University of Stuttgart and provide them with initial information. The letter contains a joint letter from Prof. Ressel, our rector, and our stuvus board chairwoman Jolanda, an info brochure from the university and various products from our AK Kalender, AK Zeitung, AK Erstsemestereinführung, AK Erstsemesterparty and Referat für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit.

Of course, we also welcome feedback from first-year students. Why not tag us in your Instagram story when you receive your first-year letter! 

Information based on previous requests: So far, only the first of the two dates has taken place. So if you do not receive your letter promptly, it may be because your letter is not packed until the second appointment. A late change of address can also be a reason. We cannot give any information about whose letter was packed (when and where). The StudiKalender calendars are currently not available, as the required number for the second deadline has not yet been determined. When we distribute the calendars, we will let you know when and where you can take them.