Hybrid Teaching

The summer term will mainly be an in person semester. To help you get around the term, we have collected some helpful Information and tips for your studies.

If you have got any questions concerning teaching you contact us via email: digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de

Problems with teaching

Unfortunately, problems with teaching continue to occur in this transitional semester: online-only teaching, face-to-face-only teaching, no teaching...We have compiled a list of possible problems, which you can find at: https://wiki.stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de/display/C19/Hybride+Lehre+-+Kommunikation. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Please report your problems to us.

We also welcome positive examples of lecturers who are making a great effort to implement digital teaching. If you know of such an example, please inform the lecturer in question, since praise should also be returned.

If you find that one of your lecturers does not follow the recommendations or your students complain, here is an overview of how to proceed. It goes without saying that there are good reasons to deviate from the recommendations in some places, but these should then be made available to the students:

  1. The students try to enquire with the lecturers
  2. The department collects the problems and questions of its students and passes them on to stuvus
  3. stuvus collects the complaints on a wiki page (please check if there is already a complaint for the subject so that there is no duplication)
  4. The department contacts the lecturer (digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de please in CC). We are also happy to help you formulate a complaint.
    1. Friendly advice if no feedback is received
    2. Feedback to stuvus
    3. Follow-up request to the lecturer if there is still no feedback
    4. Feedback to stuvus
    5. stuvus takes over the contact with the lecturer, the Dean of Studies and the Vice Rector for Teaching
    6. Feedback to the departments
  5. Problem should be solved

If you have any questions, please contact digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de.

Survey on the transition term teaching

In the last few terms, we conducted various surveys. Although the university does surveys as well, we wanted to know directly and openly from you how things are going and how you are doing. With the results, we can now support our positions and arguments and hopefully achieve further improvements.

If you are interested in the results of the  survey, you can find them here: https://stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de/tag/umfrage/

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions regarding digital teaching and the digital semester, please feel free to contact your department or us at digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de. We will then try to help you within the scope of our (volunteers') possibilities.

Since, as described above, we all work voluntarily in the student council, we are always happy to welcome new motivated and committed students to our ranks. So if you feel like getting involved - how much time you can and want to spend is up to you - just have a look at our website and get inspired or contact us directly.

New at the University of Stuttgart? How to successfully start (digitally)!

Here you will find helpful tips and instructions on the introduction of digital services:


Students in special life situations during the Corona period

Are you in a special situation in life, for example due to caring for relatives or a chronic illness? In the following document you will find  information and details about the relevant contact persons:

englisch_Handreichung2.0_WS20_21_Studierende in besonderen Lebenslagen

Ilias course Living, Learning & Networking

All important information on (digital) teaching and a forum can be found here:


Study Rooms

Unfortunately, there are still only a few study rooms available at the moment. You have to book a place at stuvus.de/lernraum. We work daily to open more learning rooms for us students.

Tips and Tricks for the (digital) Semester

In order to make your start into the semester as good as possible, the departments of German Studies and Linguistics have joined forces to produce a guide entitled "Tips and Tricks for the Digital Semester", which is intended to make digital teaching easier for both first-year and advanced students.

You can find it here:

 Tips and tricks for the digital semester at the University of Stuttgart_English

Information on the inspection of exams

Examinations are an important part of the studies. Accordingly, the inspection of examinations already taken can be correspondingly important. However, we have heard that not everyone at the Universität Stuttgart is aware of their rights and obligations regarding the inspection of examinations:

Is it allowed to take notes or make copies of the exams? Can someone else look at my exams for me? In order to answer such questions, we addressed this issue at the end of 2017.

After considerable efforts by the student representatives, the Senate Committee on Teaching and Continuing Education finally produced a "Guidelines for Exam Inspection" in December 2018. This was developed at the suggestion of and in agreement with the student representatives of the University of Stuttgart. In future, the guide is intended to inform all members of the university who are involved with the subject matter and to support them in the implementation of examination insights. Faculty or institute-wide regulations which do not contradict the legal regulations listed in this guide will of course remain valid. You can find the guide under this link on the following page:


Unfortunately the guide is currently only available in German. If there is something in it that is not understandable, please feel free to ask us a question.


Should you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us:


If you are looking for help, guidance or a contact person, you find these here: https://stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de/en/counselling-and-help/