How do I start a university group?

You've probably come across university groups on campus or online. Depending on the university group, the people in the group deal with different topics; from culture to politics to religion, everything is actually included. 

University groups are generally not part of stuvus, but must be recognized by stuvus. For recognition, a form must be filled out and sent to us. The application is then dealt with in a stuvus meeting, to which the group can come and introduce itself. The participants of the stuvus meeting - which can also be simply interested students without voting rights! - can then ask questions to the university group. With the application the group confirms some points, for example the recognition of a free democratic basic order, no representation of a world view contrary to science and no representation of a discriminating attitude concerning different aspects. The exact requirements can be found in the form and in our statutes for the recognition of university groups.

Since stuvus as a student representation has legally prescribed tasks, which are partly also fulfilled by university groups, there are various funding possibilities. Under which conditions a university group can receive how much money, you can find in the guide "Bezuschussung studentischer Gruppen". 

You would like to know more about student groups at the University of Stuttgart or maybe even found a new student group? You can find all information at If you are unsure whether a stuvus working group would make more sense, or if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.