FAQ on study rooms, exams and further topics


Any news on the free attempt?
The Academic Board of Studies (ASR) wants to raise the issue of the free attempt again with the university management.

How will the summer semester proceed?
There will be a digital semester with occasional on-site events. Internships, labs and some other small events will also take place in person.

What do I need to know about exams (status WS2020/21)?
There are exams with a withdrawal deadline of 1 day beforehand and special Corona regulations. You can find more information at stuvus.de/examinformation-2021.

Where can I print?
You can print at the former campus.guest on the Vaihingen campus (Universitätsstraße 32). You can find all the details at stuvus.de/digitale-lehre.

Who should I contact with technical problems?
The TIK is your contact for technical problems. You can find contact information and brief instructions at tik.uni-stuttgart.de.

Who can I contact with questions about and problems with digital teaching?
The best thing to do is to contact your department. Alternatively, you can contact the stuvus contact person for digital teaching at digitale-lehre@stuvus.de.

How can I reach stuvus with further questions and problems?
You can reach us for general questions (not learning space specific) by phone at 0711/685-60750. We are happy to answer questions about the learning space at 0711/685-60962. You can reach us by email at corona@stuvus.de. We are also happy to answer your questions on Facebook and Instagram.

Learning spaces

Where can I reserve a place in the study room?
You can find reservation options at stuvus.de/lernraum. Please note that new slots are created once a week at the weekend. So if there are no free slots, it is best to check again the next weekend. To book a slot, first go to Actions, then to Book and then select a free slot for your desired date.

What should I do if I do not want to use the booked learning space?
Please cancel the slot via the booking page as soon as possible in order to give other students the opportunity to use this slot.

When will new slots be uploaded?
New learning slots for the coming week are always uploaded the weekend before. In order to not overload Ilias and give as many people as possible a chance to get a place, we do not announce the time. The new slots are uploaded by volunteers, which is why the time can also vary.

Can I work in pairs or groups in the learning room?
No, it is an individual study room. It is also not allowed to push chairs together to work at two tables but still together. The positions of the chairs are marked with an X on the floor.

Do I have to wear a mouth-nose covering in the study room?
Yes, you must. The currently valid Corona regulation on study operation (as of 27.01.21) prescribes the wearing of a mouth/nose covering in work and study rooms. This must also be worn in the classroom!

Can I study in the study room without having reserved a place beforehand?
No, you cannot. When you book, your data will be secured in accordance with the Corona regulations. In order to be able to trace a possible infection and to be able to notify you or the other students in the room in case of an emergency, it is imperative that you have reserved your place via Ilias.

Can I reserve a seat for a fellow student or use the reservation of a fellow student?
No, that is not possible. When you make a reservation, your data is secured in accordance with the Corona regulations. In order to be able to trace a possible infection and to be able to notify you or the other students in the room in an emergency, it is imperative that you have reserved your place via Ilias.

Will there be other study rooms open?
We know that two learning rooms in Hds and soon in the Campus Guest are not nearly enough and that learning rooms are urgently needed. That's why we wrote a concept for the learning space in HdS in May 2020, which was finally approved at the end of July 2020. The decision on opening the learning spaces is out of our hands, but we continue to advocate for it. Currently, we are working on the openings of some larger learning spaces. In concrete terms, this means that we are holding talks with the university, measuring distances, moving tables and chairs, writing hygiene concepts and trying to get these approved by the university. You can support us by following the rules in the study rooms that have been open so far and thus show that the study rooms are not becoming Corona hotspots, but are being used well.

Who do I contact if I have further questions or problems with the learning room?
For acute problems and questions, please call 0711/685-60962. The number can also be found on information sheets in the learning room. We are also happy to help you via Facebook and Instagram. You can reach us by email at corona@stuvus.de.

stuvus activities during Corona

Is the bike workshop open?
Unfortunately, the bicycle workshop is currently closed. As soon as a suitable concept is available and approved, we will be able to reopen the workshop. We will inform you as soon as this is the case.

Can I get involved with stuvus despite Corona?
Despite and especially during Corona, there is a lot to do at stuvus. Here you can find vacancies and positions. Of course, you can also get involved in one of our departments and working groups. Just write us an email, give us a call or contact us on Instagram and Facebook!