Committee elections 2020

Updates on the form of the election can be found below!


23.11. (10 a.m.) - 02.12.2020 (until 2 p.m.)


What is being elected?

Student Parliament (StuPa), 13 seats:

The central body of your student representation decides, where the stuvus part of your semester fee goes and elects all other stuvus positions. As the student parliament consists of students, you get to vote for all of the seats.

Senate, 6 seats:

The central body of the university distributes the quality assurance funds for teaching and has the final say on changes to degree programmes. You are voting only for the student members of the senate. The student senators automatically sit in the StuPa.

Faculty councils, 7 or 9 seats per faculty:

The central committees of the faculties elect the study commissions, propose the appointment of professors and make changes to the examination regulations. You are voting only for the student members of the senate.


Who is being elected?

You can still submit election programmes, which can then be found here. Therefore, the list is currently incomplete. New election manifestos will be added in the course of the next few days after submission through the lists.

The respective list is solely responsible for the content of their election programmes linked above. stuvus enables all lists to link their election programme on this page. If there is no corresponding link, the list has not provided a programme.

How do I know who to vote for?

To find this out, you can use our Stupa-Mat.

How and where can I vote?

The election 2020 due to the Corona pandemic takes place online. The link will be sent to your university e-mail.

Voting takes place after registration in the SIAM Portal under the tab "Election".


Until when can I become a candidate?

Lists can be handed in until 6 November 2020 (4 p.m.).

If your list knows in advance that it will be taking part in the election, please contact the Public Relations Department. We will organise a "Mahlowat" for the student parliament, for which you can position yourself on theses. The sooner we know about your list, the sooner we can send you the theses and use them for the "Mahlowat". The answers and statements must be received by the department by 9th of November 2020 at the latest. So please get in touch early!


Note on grants for election advertising:

The following decision was taken by the Statutes and Rules Committee on 11.11.2020

Due to the postponement of the elections to the winter semester, the deadlines for submitting lists are much closer to the start of the elections. This would mean that before the list proposals are published, the administration has to tell a list how much money it will receive according to the election advertising guidelines.
In order to enable each list to receive a grant according to the Guide again this year, the SGO decides to set the deadline for submission of applications mentioned in section F uniquely this year to 20 November. This means that applications for this year's committee election must be received by 20 November 2020 at the latest.

How do I become a candidate?

You can find all information here: Hinweise-zur-Benutzung

With this template you can candidate for the election: Vorlage_Gremienwahlen_Kandidatur

With this template, you can support a candidate: Vorlage_Gremienwahlen_Unterstützer

I am enrolled in two faculties. How do I know for which faculty I can vote and how can I change this?

The registration in the electoral roll is done automatically after your first major subject has been assigned. If you would like to change this, you must inform the electoral administration (see below) and the student secretariat of this change by 02.11.2020. No matter if you are a foreign or German student: Please write an e-mail from your student e-mail address to studiensekretariat@uni-stuttgart.de with the subject line: "Important ! Change of faculty". Of course, this is only possible if you are really enrolled at two faculties. An official application or similar is not necessary. In addition to the information about the faculties, you should always include the matriculation number.


Publicity and information opportunity

You can read the election announcement of the University of Stuttgart here.

We as stuvus also want to help you in particular with the preparation of lists and with election advertising. You can find last year's presentation here. On 6 October 2020 an information evening takes place at 6 p.m. You can join the meeting here.


Contact persons

The Department for Public Relations is responsible for supervising and promoting the elections at stuvus. You can reach us at:


The University of Stuttgart's responsible person for the election this year is Susan Völkel. You can contact her via mail at wahlleitung@verwaltung.uni-stuttgart.de.

As a constituted student body, stuvus has a democratic structure. All offices and committees are determined by elections.

Offices such as those of the chairman of the board of directors, the committee members, the advisers and the heads of the working groups are not elected directly by you, but by your representatives in the student parliament. If you want to fill such an office, you only have to apply to the president of the StuPa by 12 the day before a meeting of the student parliament and introduce yourself to the student parliament. In the first StuPa meeting of the semester, all offices except for the heads of the working groups are newly elected.

The Senate, the student parliament and the faculty councils are directly elected by you. For this purpose, the committee elections of the university take place once a year