At the beginning of the 2020 summer semester, the ILIAS forum “Leben, Lernen und Vernetzen” was founded as a response to the corona pandemic. Both, the Networking Department of stuvus and the TIK at University of Stuttgart have been pursuing the goal of maintaining university-wide communication and interaction between students, employees, specialist groups and other members of the university. Besides supporting general exchange between all participants, a lot of additional opportunities have now been set up to form learning groups, to publish offers from the specialist groups and to book learning rooms on campus.… Read more

Green Canteen

The Green Canteen working group is engaged in promoting a more sustainable way of eating for students. To this end, the working group conducts information campaigns (especially flyer campaigns in the canteens) and is in regular exchange with the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart to advocate more sustainability in the canteens and cafeterias. The working group is assigned to the department of sustainability.
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Beach bar with holiday feeling

We are the working group that plans and implements the beach project on Red Square at the Campus Vaihingen every year.

In 2015 the idea was born to build a bar with a sandy beach on the Vaihingen Campus of the University of Stuttgart and to operate it during the summer months. The structure is located in the centre of the university and is thus within sight of the largest lecture halls of the university.… Read more