4 steps for online voting

The elections start tomorrow! From 28 June (10 a.m.) to 7 July (3 p.m.) you can elect your student representatives in the Faculty Council, Senate and Student Parliament. The elections decide who will stand up for your interests in the committees, which projects can be implemented, what your stuvus contribution will be spent on, who will be elected to stuvus offices, who will decide on the allocation of financial resources, and so on. In short, the election decides a lot and is accordingly important.

Unlike the Bundestag elections, you don't have to go to your polling station with your ID card, stand in line for a while and make your mark on paper. The university elections take place digitally, so your polling station is wherever you have access to the internet, and it is open throughout the election period. It doesn't matter whether you vote in the morning in class, at lunchtime in the refectory, at home in the evening or in a bar at night. All you need to vote is an internet-enabled device, access to the internet, your SIAM access data (st ID and university password) and about two minutes of your time. Democracy has never been so easy!  

How do I vote?

Log in to siam.uni-stuttgart.de with your university access data. Click on the tab "Wahlen" (Elections) and then on "zur online-Wahl" (Online Election). You can vote for a total of three committees: First you will see the candidates for the student parliament (13 votes), distributed over three lists. Below that are the candidates for the Senate (6 votes) and then the candidates for your Faculty Council (7 or 9 votes, depending on the faculty). Here you simply select the people you want to vote for. At the end, you just hand in your election form and you're done! Note: It counts down the votes at the top when you cast your ballot. However, once you have cast all your votes, it will no longer count. Therefore, use the "Check your votes" page and see if you have cast too many votes. 

Who can I vote for?

There are one or two lists of candidates for the faculty councils, depending on the faculty. Faculty 10 has a peacetime election due to the number of candidates. There are three lists running for the student parliament ("ASdUS", "Fachgruppenliste", "Spezielle Unitäre Gruppe") and one list ("Gemeinschaftsliste") is running for the senate. There are almost always more people on the lists than can be elected to the respective committee. This means that you can influence not only which list gets how many seats, but also who from which list gets a seat in the committee.

What do the lists stand for?

On stupamat.stuvus.de, the lists running for the student parliament have positioned themselves on various theses and explained their position. You can also find election programmes at stuvus.de/wahlen.

Still have questions?

Comment here, send us a DM or write to us at wahlen@stuvus.de!